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There is no Mystery Weekend this year.



Hello All!  
Following is information about our Mystery Weekend.  Another email will be sent for business to sign up to participate.
The 11th Mystery Weekend is March 14 – 15, 2015
This event brings over 100 folks to Nye Beach for the weekend. Prizes for winning sleuths are the gift certificates provided by participating businesses.  Raffle items are donated by local businesses for the raffle held before the reveal. The Mystery event is self-supporting with income from the sale of mystery packets and raffle tickets paying our costs
This year's mystery, "The Haunted Trailer," written by local artist, author, and “investigator” Ram Papish, is set in 1978.  Its reputation growing, and attendance increasing, no matter what the weather, many sleuths, some merchants, and all our suspects dress in period clothing which adds to the excitement.  
Friday, March 13, 2015.............Cast Dinner at Nye Cottage
Saturday, March 14, 2015
            9am – Noon.........Sleuths purchase Mystery Packets for $10 each at           Nye Cottage Beads. 
                                                                        The Mystery Packets may be shared, or used by just    one sleuth.
            9am – 5pm..........Sleuths collect clues, interrogate suspects, and often eat            
                                                                        and find a place to work figuring out “Who Dun It!”
            11am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm.........Suspects are scheduled at business locations and other 
                                                                        places in Nye Beach to be interrogated by         sleuths.
            5pm..........Solutions are turned in at Nye Cottage
            6:30pm – 8:30pm.........Raffle and Reveal at the American Legion

FEE TO PARTICIPATE:  (another email will be sent for sign up)
Donate two $10 gift certificates OR $10 Cash AND one of more items to be used in the raffle.  Family friendly raffle items can be items from your business or home.

Sleuths come into your business to collect their clue OR a clue is posted in a window of your business (or at another location) if it is not convenient for them to come inside.   Suspects are scheduled to visit businesses to be interrogated by the sleuths.  This can be a disruption to the traffic flow, so some prefer that the interrogations take place outside their business (weather permitting).

The Hunted Trailer.................News Article....................March 14, 1978
Newport resident Indi Cent died last night at the Ten Commandments Mobile Village in the arms of her fiancé Robin Steele.  The circumstances surrounding the grizzly scene are unclear.
“As I approached the trailer, the two figures were intertwined on the ground. It was hard to tell exactly what was going on, but one thing was clear: Mr. Steele had his hand clasped tightly over the mouth and nose of the victim,” said investigator Fillmore Sells.
Detective Sells was not ready to declare that Steele had suffocated his lover. “I am not jumping to any conclusions at this time. I will conduct a thorough investigation.”
The detective, however, immediately arrested Steele and advised him of his rights.
The suspect did not exercise his right to remain silent.  According to the mother of the deceased, Dee Cent, Steele yelled out “I was tryin’ to save her……not kill her. I was trying to save her” as Detective Sells slapped on the handcuffs.
With the coroner’s report unavailable at this time, the cause of death is uncertain.
Detective Sells has named the following suspects:

Robin Steele – A hick whose sticky fingers have left him with a guilty conscience.
Krystal Yuzer – A pregnant hillbilly who claims a ghost is the father of her baby.
Tammy Tonia—A two-bit ho with more stories than teeth.
Dee Sent— A grieving mother who keeps an eye on everyone and everything.
Miss Tick— A gypsy who inhabits a shadow land between this world and the other.
Al Coholic—A man with an explosive reputation.

Another email will be sent for business to sign up to participate:

Call Linda at 541-270-2234

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